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    We know how hard it can be to start Calisthenics. We built the school based on this fact. We ourselves started from nothing. No experience in Calisthenics or gymnastics. In fact we were beat up old and retired rugby players that turned our knowledge and experience as professional  Strength Conditioning coaches in Paralympic sport into a our new passion of Calisthenics! And we’d love help you get started by giving away this FREE Beginners Guide.

    This free beginners guide supersedes anything else out there! I was surprised to see something so well thought out and informative for FREE! - JACOB MOLES


    Download our FREE Beginners Guide to Calisthenics and get the ONLY eBook on the internet designed to help YOU get started in Calisthenics! Follow the easy to understand video tutorials and start your own Calisthenics journey today! We’re proud to say that this calisthenics workout PDF is one of the most popular AND most downloaded on the internet and we hope you’ll see why!

    “This FREE Beginners Calisthenics eBook supersedes anything else out there! I was surprised to see something so well thought out and informative for FREE!”Jacob Moles

    The eBook uses video coaching tutorials from our expert Calisthenics Tutors (who are professional Strength Conditioning Coaches) to explain and demonstrate;

    What’s included?

    Movement Preparation exercise tutorials

    How to warm up and prepare your muscles and joints for calisthenics

    Pushing Principles

    Key exercises for building bodyweight foundation pushing strength

    Pulling Principles

    Key exercises for building bodyweight pulling strength

    Core Principles

    Key exercises for developing a strong and stable core which is the cornerstone of all bodyweight and calisthenics movements

    No equipment needed!

    One of the great benefits of Calisthenics or bodyweight training is that it uses very little equipment. The majority of the exercises in this eBook can be simply done at home, which can be a great time saver for those of us with busy lives! The journey of calisthenics is a fun but challenging one that bring success and achievement as you learn new things, see your body change as you start to ‘redefine your own impossible’!

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    If you have any questions about the eBook or anything thing to do with Calisthenics of Bodyweight training please get in touch as we’d love to help – email


    Download your free beginners guide to calisthenics now.