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    Strength and Play Training Guide


    We believe that training should never be boring. Exploring your physical potential through bodyweight training is an exciting journey and your training should reflect this! The thing we love most about Calisthenics is that the training is fun as well as challenging.

    Follow the video coaching tutorials and set training programmes and you’ll get STRONG with us whilst having FUN along the way!


    Why would you ever do anything in training that’s boring…?!

    We believe that with Calisthenics training we can undoubtedly get strong (pictures and videos to prove it!) but most importantly AND VERY DIFFERENT to other forms of training… we can have FUN doing it!

    This Strength Play Training Guide, teaches you through 37 video coaching tutorials how to have fun with your training, adds an element of play into your programme whilst creating serious strength Gainz!


    What’s included?

    37 Video coaching tutorials

    Have fun getting strong learning seemingly impossible gravity defying moves like elbow levers, clutch flags and flying superman or superwomen!

    6 Training Plans + Sessions to follow

    Get started straight way following the various different training plans focusing on push, pull, hand balancing, core and lever objectives

    Strength + Conditioning Finishers

    Add a conditioning elements to session by following the ‘finisher’ if you dare!

    Step by Step Programme Writing

    Help in understanding programming and education so you can actually write your own personal, specific training programme


    Not only will you learn these new ‘moves’ you’ll be another set closer towards redefining your impossible of the Big moves or ‘Show Stoppers’ like the Human Flag, Handstand, Muscle up and Levers!

    What are you waiting for…?

    Lets have some fun, getting strong and ‘Redefining Your Impossible’!


    We trust you’ll love it as much as we do and you can trust the content as it’s backed by both sports science and experience. We want to take you on a strength and play journey, where will it end? We can’t guarantee your results but we can promise that we’ve put our heart, soul and everything we’ve ever learnt about how to get strong with calisthenics into this training guide and video coaching tutorials!
    Not satisfied once you’ve purchased? No problem, we’re so confident from the feedback we get that you will be that we’re happy to offer a money back guarantee!

    Here’s some examples of the video coaching tutorials below so you can see the fun that you’ll be getting up to with us!


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