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    Holiday Training Tips

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    A blog on holiday training tips is a bit of a contradiction to last weeks on the importance of rest as a holiday is a time to rest and recover! However we are realists here at the ‘School of Calisthenics’ and we know that it’s more likely that you’re still going to want to do some sort of training whilst on holiday.

    The reasons you may want to train whilst on holiday can vary massively but most often than not (and if you’re anything like us), it’s because;

    1. Your holiday is a break from your busy work life and it’s that busy work life that often prevents you from training as much as you want to. So when on holiday away from all the distractions and stresses of work you’re able to get in some good quality training.

    2. You actually really enjoy your training and being active so don’t want to break from it when on holiday, because it makes you feel good!

    However one of the difficulties in training when away on holiday is the limited space and equipment available to you. The video below outlines some great exercises that you can try that require very little space and equipment you’ll be able to find whilst on holiday… like a park bench or a tree!!!!


    Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

    Tim & Jacko

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