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    Meet Olympian Lani

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    We’re excited to introduce you to our latest coaching recruit at the School of Calisthenics!

    Lani is a former Olympian, current world record holder and all round legend!

    We’re delighted to have helped her start her own Calisthenics journey and even more excited to have her now join the coaching team!

    We wanted to give you a bit of Lani’s background so you know where she’s come from, her personal sporting experiences (she’s got an impressive CV) as you’ll be seeing more and more from Lani in the coming weeks and we want you to get to know her!

    Lani Belcher was born to British parents in Australia and grew up in sunny Brisbane (you’ll probably pick up the twang in her accent!). Sport has always been a huge part of Lani’s life. Triathlons, velodrome cycling, Football and hockey to representing Australia for the first time when she was 16 years old on the Sprint and Marathon kayaking Teams.

    When she was 18 Lani made the move to the UK to follow in her parents footsteps of represent Great Britain for kayaking. Over the last 10 years Lani has represented Team GB at the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympic Games and collected multiple World and European Championship Medals in Sprint and Marathon kayaking.

    In 2017 after many years of both high and lows Lani achieved one of her biggest goals and dreams and became the new ICF World Marathon Champion.

    Having taken a step back from competitive kayaking Lani is now concentration on her career for life after sport and joins Tim, Jacko and Seth on the coaching team here at the School of Calisthenics.

    Here’s what Lani said about joining the School of Calisthenics coaching team;

    “I started Calisthenics because I love to challenge myself and I liked the idea of moving away from just lifting weights in the gym. I was already relatively strong but learning the patterning and technique is the biggest part to achieving your Impossible.

    I have only been on my Calisthenics journey for a year but I have been on a journey to get strong for the last 10 years! When I first started in the gym I couldn’t even do one pull up! It doesn’t happen straight away but by having perseverance, consistency and determination anything is possible!

    It’s been great joining the School of Calisthenics coaching team, I’ve really enjoyed learning from the guys in terms of Calisthenics and the coaching but also bringing my experience from professional sport and merging the two. Teaching at the weekly classes in Nottingham and workshops around the UK is one of the best parts of the job. I love helping people to achieve things they never thought their body was capable of and being part of that journey, seeing their face at a class or workshop when they do it, is something very special.”

    Please join us in giving Lani a warm welcome to the School of Calisthenics!

    Tim + Jacko