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    Learning with the School of Calisthenics

    By David Jackson

    The School of Calisthenics all started as we wanted to train differently, learn to move in new ways and have some fun along the way. Learning has always been at the heart of what we’ve done in Calisthenics. Whether it be us learning new things or helping others to learn to move in new ways and redefine their own impossible!

    Learning online anywhere in the world

    The beautiful thing about the modern internet and digital ‘life’ is that information and teaching like ours is available to everyone all over the world. We have been absolutely blown away by how far the School of Calisthenics has reached all over the globe.

    We have ‘students’ just like you in over 100+ countries throughout the world, and the number just keeps growing. As the school develops and as we develop our own skills and coaching, our promise and commitment to everyone who’s part of the School of Calisthenics is to provide you with the very best we can.

    Heres what ‘students’ all over the world, people just like you, are learning with us…


    You are the school!

    We have the absolute pleasure of meeting lots of you in person at classes, workshop and retreats and love the community that has developed and grown. We are based in the UK so meet most of you there but we’ve also been to France and Spain for workshops and retreats this last year and hope to keep expanded our travels further and further in 2019!

    We know we have ‘students’ in as far away as the USA, Australia and everything in between like India and our dream is to organise trips for workshops in all these countries so we get the opportunity to meet you all!

    For us the School of Calisthenics is all about our ‘students’, you guys and girls out there. We are enjoying the journey of what the school is growing to become and be about… which is ultimately dictated by YOU the community and we LOVE it!

    What does the school of calisthenics mean to you? We’d love to here from you, please share with us your thoughts and feelings about being part of the school of calisthenics. Here’s what some students have already said it means to them…

    Want to become a School of Calisthenics graduate like all of these…? SEE ALL GRADUATES

    Finally we just wanted to update you on our latest and biggest project for the school to date. Over 500 of you were kind enough to answer an online questionnaire we sent out a few weeks ago about our ‘Online Classroom’ or ‘Virtual Classroom’ so a MASSIVE thank you to all those that gave valuable feedback.

    We’re excited to say that we’ve been taking all the feedback on board and working hard now on delivering the best online learning and training experience we can and we cannot wait to share it with you when it’s ready!

    For now it’s head down and working hard on getting it ready for you all!

    Class dismissed

    Tim & Jacko