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    One piece of advice for 2019

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    It’s the time of year when we’re all, rightly so, setting goals and dreaming about what we might be able to achieve in 2019. Maybe you’re even thinking it’s the year you’ll redefine that impossible you’ve been working on for a while. Whatever it is I’m sure just like me you’ve set yourself a few goals and we’d love to help you in achieve them in 2019.

    So as I was reflecting, over some time off at Christmas & New Year and I have to first thank you all for the comments, feedback and emails that came in after the last blog about my 5 learning points from the last 5 years of training calisthenics (click here to read blog post “What I’ve Learned the Last 5 Years”). Everyone that took the time to read it and then get in touch with their own personal experience and sharing what their journey over the last few years has been was inspiring for me and together when we connect we can all encourage each other forward. So thank you all.

    Now upon reflection of those 5 ‘learning points’ or ‘mistakes I’d learned from’ it made me think, if I had to boil it down to only one thing, what would that be? The one piece of advice to have the biggest impact on your training in 2019!

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    My one piece of advice is…

    Enjoy your training! That’s it. Pretty simple right?

    Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the best. Maybe I just think that because I’m a kind of ‘simple guy’ but I totally think it’s true. I certainly believe it’s true in this case relating to your training and I’ll explain why.

    Enjoying training doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Yes Tim and I love incorporating fun aspects into our training and that should be a part of it. But that’s not all that I mean when I say “enjoy it”!

    You might actually enjoy the struggle. The hard and tough times of training. If you don’t I’d start to encourage yourself to learn to enjoy the struggle and frustrations during the journey of trying to redefine your impossible.

    The whole point of redefining your impossible is that it’s meant to be hard! Otherwise it would be called “redefine something that’s not actually that difficult and you already believe you can do it” and that’s way less catchy!

    Seriously though, the reason it’s meant to be hard is why its’ so important. If the journey to redefining your impossible wasn’t difficult and come with a load of struggles and hard work along the way, you wouldn’t be stretching yourself. You wouldn’t be redefining what you think is impossible. Plus the feeling when you redefine your impossible is way more enjoyable when it’s been a hard, tough old slog of a journey!

    So enjoy all of your training. The fun parts. The tough parts. The failures. The whole journey.

    You’ll stick to it way more than the one month fade diet or training transformation plan that everyone else will fall off before they’ve even really got started.

    Remember life is a long game. Unless we’re professional athletes we’re not being paid to train, so training should be fun and we should enjoy it. We believe it should enrich our lives in both the short term and enhance it in the longer term too developing us positively both physically and mentally.

    Class dismissed


    *Virtual classroom announcement – if you’ve not heard about this yet where have you been?! Big announcement happen on Friday and if you missed it check out the link here – Virtual classroom coming soon!


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