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    Podcast Episode 67

    By David Jackson

    When you get a message from a School of Calisthenics student buzzing about redefining their impossible of the ring muscle up and the message passionately outlines the journey from torn bicep tendon and labrum (shoulder injuries) to not just one ring muscle up but a series of ring muscle ups… there’s only one thing we can do. Get them on the podcast to let them tell their story.

    The School of Calisthenics is all about our students and Lee Reason is an amazing student with a story which resonates with us. We hope you take inspiration and motivation from Lee’s story and what, for him, the muscle up stood for. We certainly did and you can see more of Lee Reason on instagram – here.

    Lee had followed the Ring Muscle Up course for only a few weeks inside the Virtual Classroom and we were blown away by what he achieved and even more importantly proved to him that his shoulder had made a full recovery, which we are so thankful for.


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    Podcast Episode 67