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    Podcasts | carl paoli

    Podcast Episode 74

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Ready to take a “deep dive” with us…?

    This week you’re in for a treat as we share the interview we had as guests on the Freestyle Connection podcast with our good friend Carl Paoli. We’ve come to know Carl well over the last 18 months, having followed his coaching career for years and got to spend some time with him in London late last year.

    This interview was quite different and more like a ‘therapy session’ as Carl did a great job of both digging deeper and drawing out of us what the school of calisthenics really means to us both and we had a blast doing it!

    Ready to take the deep dive with us…?

    Listen now!

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    Hear more about our personal story, what calisthenics¬†and what the School of Calisthenics¬†means to us in the video below…


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