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    Podcasts | jess merlo

    Podcast Episode 69

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    You might know Jess Merlo better as @jessentrix__ on instagram. We’ve been following mum of two Jess and the progress she’s made over the last few months has been amazing.

    Her and husband Scott are both actively involved in the School of Calisthenics community as members of the Virtual Classroom and it was our pleasure to hear her story first hand.

    Follow Jess on instagram here

    We mentioned at the start we’ve set up a team to enter the Tough Mudder Classic in the Midlands on 18th May and want you to join our team! We’ve partnered with Tough Mudder to bring you a huge discount and you’ll also get an exclusive SoC Team Tee when you join us!

    Full details here //

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