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    Podcasts | calisthenics for ocr

    Podcast Episode 70

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week we had the pleasure of being guests on the official podcast of the World OCR (OCR Audio Podcast).

    Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) in our eyes is like a massive playground where calisthenics meets running and potentially competitiveness!

    Lots of people set OCR as goals and targets for training as well as simply for fun, but as you can imagine the professionals take it very seriously! The team at OCR Audio Podcast wanted to get us on to give some help, tips and advice on how calisthenics training can improve your ability to tackle these obstacles faster, more efficiently or, for a beginner, simply get through them!

    It was our absolute pleasure and we had a blast on this one, so much so that we’ve even set up a team to enter the Tough Mudder Classic in the Midlands on 18th May and want you to join our team! We’ve partnered with Tough Mudder to bring you a huge discount and you’ll also get an exclusive SoC Team Tee when you join us!

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