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    Podcast Episode 77

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    We often say ‘we have a special guest’ and probably use the term too often, so let’s say this week’s exceptionally special guest is Ollie Marchon from Marchon Athletic, because he truly is one of a kind but from a different cloth… actually chiselled from granite!

    Not only is Ollie an exceptional athlete, businessman and human being, he also has a special relationship with Tim. Ollie was first coached by him in the ‘weight room’ whilst a rugby player and Tim the team strength and conditioning coach, then Tim became his mentor when Ollie trained to become a strength and conditioning coach on an internship overseen by Tim, and now we have the privilege to share a friendship with him as a peer coach.

    We unpack all of that and much more as we get into what makes Ollie such an incredible and dedicated person and how he’s cultivated his fitness philosophy that ‘you have to earn it!”



    Follow Ollie Marchon on Instagram here

    Find Marchon Athletic here

    Find out more from the Stronger Coaches Academy here


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