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    Podcast Episode 79

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    It not often you get invited to the circus…!!!

    Meet Director of Training at the National Circus in London, Glen Stewart. We’d previously been down to meet Glen to broaden our awareness of coaching in different disciplines and cross-share ideas of training to redefine someone’s impossible!

    Glenn has a wealth of experience in coaching across such a diverse range of skills that there’s something for everyone in this podcast. He shares a number of amazing stories of working with various students and how untraditional ways of training produced amazing results which we hope you find as fascinating as we do.

    Want to learn more about the training and coaching techniques Glenn talks about in the podcast? Join Glenn and his coaching team for a workshop at the National Circus in London.

    Full details here // National Circus Workshop for Fitness Professionals

    Follow the National Circus // @nationalcircus

    Follow Glen // @glenastewart

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