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    Do You Trust The Process?

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    “Trusting the process… it’s much easier to say than to practically follow through, but it’s essential to your long-term development and progression.

    Just as trusting a person can be difficult if they’ve let you down in the past or if you meet someone for the first time, the same is true in training; trust has to be earned.
    When you start a new training process, you may be unsure about its methods or effectiveness. This doubt can affect your trust, which can lead to a negative impact on the consistency of your effort levels when training, and ultimately you’ll likely give up on it if you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for.
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    Too often we want the results far too quickly and give up on the process before we’ve given it enough time to even know if it was going to work. It takes time to create lasting movement changes for your body. Equally, it takes time to build up strength and neuromuscular control when learning new movements and skills in calisthenics.

    If we give up on the process, we end up jumping around from programme to programme, not seeing results, feeling like we’ve failed. Depending on our levels of resilience and support network, we’re more likely to give up on our goals before they even really got started. There are only so many times any of us can fail before we give up entirely… Tim and I included.

    The front lever struggle

    Personally, our goal of the front lever has been one of those journeys that we’ve nearly given up on so many times. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked Tim, “How is everyone else doing this?!”

    I was making presumptions that ‘everyone can do it’ and that they found it much easier than me!

    That being said, because the front lever has not come easily, I’ve learnt far more about both the movement and my body than I would have done otherwise.

    In my example, I had to narrow down what I was doing. There are so many different front lever exercises and progressions out there, and I was jumping around too much from one progression to the next. I didn’t trust the process, because I was confident that the key elements of the movement had been identified.

    So, as we’d done with previous movements like the human flag, we broke it down to its simplest elements. We identified three key strength parts of the movement, and it started to become clear where I had to focus my time and energy. Rather than jumping around a huge ‘catalog’ of different front lever exercises, I narrowed it down to two key areas, developed a couple of exercises specific to my needs of those elements, and just focused on them.

    It really simplified the number of exercises I was doing and made the process much easier to trust and stick to. I had identified the ‘needs analysis’ of the movement and where my weak links were in the chain.

    Once we’re done fine tuning the process we’re using to develop the front lever, we will of course share that with you, but we want to be happy with it first in its entirety so that you can trust the process. Rather than worrying about the finer details of what I actually did, my message in this blog is around problem solving and identifying for yourself.

    Do You Trust The Process 1

    Identify where you’re weak

    To help break the cycle of just jumping around from workout to workout or programme to programme, identify where you are weak. Commit to more consistent training of the few key elements that you need to focus on for your training goals.

    And then, give it time.

    If you want to achieve something that feels amazing, it’s going to take a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and a lot of failures. That’s what makes it feel amazing.

    Without the time and the struggles and the feeling that it’s impossible, it wouldn’t be something to get excited about!!!

    I hope that serves as encouragement to enjoy the journey… however long it is!

    Class dismissed


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