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    Are you strong in the ‘real world’?

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Being strong outside of the gym is one of the benefits of training your body, the human movement system, through calisthenics where the training environment isn’t dictated by external loads, machine weights or barbells.

    “Calisthenics is a great functional training method. We believe it’s the most natural way to train the body because the human movement system was designed to move as one complete unit and calisthenics trains it that way.

    The barbell was only invented in the 1920’s and therefore ‘man’ has found ways to build ‘real world’ strength without the use of a gym or equipment for more years than I can count on my fingers!

    Calisthenics uses the real world as the training environment and bodyweight as the resistance or load. Why is this important? What benefits does functional training have?

    Well, challenges in the real world, obstacles you may have to overcome in life both literally in the physical sense, but also mentally don’t normally come with nice hand grips, never symmetrical and with a certain number of repetitions and rest to take during the challenge or obstacle.

    Are you strong in the 'real world'? 3

    We’ve just returned from our weekend workshop at Mikes Gym Marbella (join us in May 2020 CLICK HERE) where as part of the trip our group of ‘students’ took on Mike’s world-famous obstacle course… and we smashed it! Even Mike himself was surprised and that’s saying something.

    Using calisthenics as our training method with a wide variety of movements and strength developed as a result of managing your own bodyweight in different positions meant that the majority of our group ‘smashed’ the obstacles… even some of Mike’s favourite and most difficult obstacles.

    He said out of a group the size of ours normally only 2 or 3 would complete all the obstacles and he couldn’t believe how well our group had done. We had a group of mixed abilities and some were relatively new to calisthenics or had done more weight lifting in the past. However, there was a clear correlation between those with more calisthenics experience and those that managed all of the obstacles.

    Mike (from said – minus the expletives; Mike has a unique way to encourage everyone,

    “Clearly calisthenics is an awesome way to train, the way you guys manage your bodies through those obstacles, we’ve never seen a group the size of yours do it like that!

    Are you strong in the 'real world'? 1

    We understand not everyone wants to take on Mike’s obstacle course, a Tough Mudder (as we did with our School of Calisthenics Team Tough Mudder last month) or any other OCR – Obstacle Course Race. However, recently, we’ve enjoyed the challenges they provide and seeing how well calisthenics as a functional training method prepares you for real world challenges and obstacle to overcome.

    Even if you have no desire to take on an OCR, we still believe having movement and strength you can use out in the real world, being able to manage your own bodyweight through obstacles and be able to overcome physical and mental challenges is something we should all be striving to achieve with our training, so we continue to develop healthy, functional bodies and minds.

    We’re focused on what we can do with our bodies, the functionality of them outside of a gym to help us live more happily and healthily, whatever obstacles life throws at us… are you?

    If the answer is ‘yes’ then great, we’d love to hear from you and how your training has been progressing. If the answer is ‘no’ them why not start your calisthenics journey with us and change up your training?

    We’d love you to start our FREE 8 Week Beginners Programme… are you ready?

    Class dismissed

    Tim and Jacko

    Full outline and details of the week-by-week programme for FREE is available here!

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