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    Podcast Episode 82

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Phil Learney has been a prominent figure in Strength and Conditioning fields for close to 20 years.

    In this time he has established and continues to build a reputation based around his intelligent, observational and results based coaching. Alongside Phil’s practical teachings his open minded, pertinent writing and speaking has resulted in a great deal of respect from his peers and the community that follows him.

    As a prominent educator of other coaches, through his Advanced Coaching Academy, we were very excited to get Phil on the podcast to picks his brain about coaching, training and his philosophy on getting the best out of ourselves and those around us.

    We really enjoyed this one and hearing Phil’s valuable advice from all those years of experience under is belt. Hope you find it as insightful and helpful as we did.

    Tim & Jacko



    Follow Phil on Instagram – www.instagram.com/theptcoach

    Find out more – https://www.advancedcoachingacademy.com

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