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    Podcast Episode 93

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    It’s always great to hang out with the other coaches at the School of Calisthenics and it was awesome to have Coach Seth back on the podcast to talk about not just his own calisthenics journey, but also those who he’s been coaching and helping to redefine their impossible.

    Understanding what has been helping others progress could just be the tool that will help your own progress so we talk through obstacles and how he’s helped people overcome them on the way to redefining their impossible.



    Hope you enjoyed the podcast and if you have any questions for Seth himself you can email him directly at

    If you follow on social media give Coach Seth at like on instagram and drop us a message to let us know what you thought of the podcast!

    Seth head’s up our personalised coaching support with the online coaching, we have 3 different options you can choose from if you want some personalised support and coaching to help you progress your calisthenics journey.

    Find out all the online coaching options and details for personalised support, programmes and coaching  here!

    Podcast Episode 93
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