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    Training Ring Muscle Ups

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    When training to do a muscle up, we might be able to teach you to redefine your impossible of the ring muscle up in just 5 minutes, if you can answer ‘yes’ to these two questions;

    1: “Are you strong enough at standard bar pull ups that your thumb can reach your chest at the top of the pull?”

    2: “Are you comfortable with deep ring dips, so that at your deepest position your thumb reaches your chest?”

    If you just answered yes to both those questions, then you just might be joining us in our #MuscleUpClub in 5 minutes time!

    Meet Coach Georgie 3

    That’s because, if you have those two prerequisites of high pull ups and deep ring dips then it’s just the linking of those two movements that we need to teach you. And even if you know you still need to work on the strength of your pull up and the deep dips then the tutorial below will still help you if you have aspirations of join our #MuscleUpClub.

    Those attentive amongst you will notice that in those two prerequisites that the pull up must reach the thumb position at the bottom of the dip. Both require movement and strength. The mobility to create those deep positions on the rings and the strength to be able to pull up to that height. If you have that, you can link them together in the transition, which is effectively a shift from one position to the next.

    The linking is built on two techniques or principles; false grip and the transition.

    The transition itself needs the false grip, so the false grip becomes the foundation of the whole movement and underpins the ring muscle up itself – if you’re looking to do it strict and beautifully.

    Ring Muscle Up in 5 Minutes

    Rather than describe in words, we’ve put together a 5 minute tutorial to not just explain the steps but show you how, together with the simple drills and exercises you’ll need for both the false grip and transition from Coach Georgie – who’s just a bad-ass at ring muscle ups, so you’re in safe hands!



    We really hope that this will help you to redefine your impossible of training to do a muscle up on the rings and join our #MuscleUpClub.  We love to hear about and celebrate your successful graduations, but also help and answer questions for any still finding it difficult. So get in touch on social media and tag us in any videos on Instagram @schoolofcalisthenics so we can see your progress, celebrate the wins and help problem-solve the difficulties.

    See you in our #MuscleUpClub soon…

    Class dismissed


    Training Ring Muscle Ups