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    Podcast Episode 96

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week, we’re so excited to introduce to you the newest member to our coach team at the School of Calisthenics… Coach Georgie… aka The Hench Yogi as she is know on instagram!

    It’s no surprise that with an instagram name like The Hench Yogi, she’s not only a yoga teacher but also a bad-ass strong muscle upping calisthenics coach!

    Georgie has also been a Crossfit coach and owner of her own Crossfit gym as she transitioned from never training or exercising into yoga through to crossfit before finding calisthenics, but we won’t spoil her story, you’ll hear all about it from her.

    Please join us in giving Georgie a MASSIVE welcome to the School of Calisthenics coaching team. You’ll see more of her in our YouTube tutorials, in the Virtual Classroom, on social media as well as meeting her at our workshops.

    Head over to her instagram at @the_hench_yogi and show her some love!

    Thank you all as ever for listening and your AMAZING ongoing support of us, what the School of Calisthenics stands for and is trying to achieve in the health and fitness space.

    Tim & Jacko



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