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    Podcasts | calisthenics in football

    Podcast 97 – Football Fitness Federation Podcast

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week, the football fans amongst us are in for a treat as we’re guests on the Football Fitness Federation Podcast with Ben Cartwright talking about the potential benefits of calisthenics and bodyweight training on athletic performance for footballers.

    We discuss how developing athletic performance through calisthenics can be beneficial for a more rounded and versatile athlete, giving them the potential edge as either a young athlete develops or something new, different and interesting as a training stimuli for more experienced athletes (as well as Jacko’s favourite football team and players!).

    Obviously the main topic on this particular podcast is in relation to football but you can easily see how the topic could be any sport that requires you to be able to move, control and understand your body… which covers most sports if you think about it!

    Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did being guests on the Football Fitness Federation Podcast.



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