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    Podcast Episode 99

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Back by popular demand because you had so many questions for her after part 1 on the podcast, we are excited to have Dr Sally Bell as a guest again, as just like you, we had loads of follow up questions for her!

    As well as getting into some of your specific questions about functional health, we cover the topics of fasting, ketogenic and vegan diets, the pro’s and con’s of all these relating to our health, wellness and happiness.

    Thank you to @ben_james_earnest @Paul_h77 @samchesire and for their specific questions from Instagram. We tried to cover through all the topics and the most common questions we got from lots of you about sugar, the difference between grass-fed and not, the best possible foods we can eat, the importance of other lifestyle factors like rest, sleep, community, connection and mindfulness. Tim even gets us all to reveal our favourite nut… yeah that’s right our favourite nut!



    We mentioned a number of links during the podcast with FREE downloads available from Dr Sally Bell’s website which can all be found here –

    Follow Dr Sally Bell on Instagram – @drsallybell

    If you enjoyed this episode, we’d love you to share it with those around you that might also find it helpful and interesting. Plus, we’d love to hear what you think of the podcast, you can either write a review or drop us a message on social media…



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