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    Podcast Episode 103

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    It’s my (Jacko) absolute pleasure to introduce to you a legend of a man by the name of Jo Brun and welcome him onto the School of Calisthenics podcast to talk about rehab and rugby. Jo was my strength and conditioning coach for 10 years during my professional rugby career and I learned so much from him as a coach, a rugby player and as a person.

    He always helped us to work to the highest of standards and installed a work ethic in me that I’ll carry for the rest of my life into anything I do – he had that much of an impact on my mindset. He’s a great example that an strength and conditioning coach can be far more than just planning and delivering training programmes.

    He’s been an expert in rehabilitation in the rugby world and helped so many injured players back to full fitness (myself included) that we wanted to invite him onto the podcast to share that wealth of knowledge and experience with you all… and of course a good catch up on the ‘good old days’ – apologies I (Jacko) probably did too much reminiscing of the rugby days on this podcast!



    Find out more about Jo Brun at

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