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    Beginner Bodyweight Workout

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Here we have a beginner bodyweight workout for you to try if you’re just getting started in calisthenics or looking to get some volume and basic strength capacity into your training.

    It utilises the most popular piece of equipment in our shop – the Beginners Pull Up Rack. The versatility of the Beginners Pull Up Rack with three different heigh setting allows us to progress and regress all the pushing and pulling exercises in this beginner bodyweight workout and shows why it’s so popular with beginners looking for freedom to train at home rather than at the gym!

    Hope you enjoy the beginners bodyweight workout…


    We hope you enjoyed the video and once you’ve had the chance to try any of it out yourself we’d love to hear what you think and how you found the beginners bodyweight workout.

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    Beginner Bodyweight Workout 1


    Remember if you need any help with your training, we ‘re always here to help. Our coaches love coaching and to help people just like you to redefine their impossible.

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