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    Finding Pull Ups Hard?

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Finding pull ups hard and still working towards your first one?

    The pull up is a cornerstone of bodyweight strength and a huge goal for many people. Once you get your first pull up you feel invincible, no longer a ‘beginner’ in your own mind and ready to take on any calisthenics or bodyweight challenge… well maybe or maybe not but you certainly feel awesome and you’ll have 100% earned your pull up as they are not easy!

    Lots of people find it hard to develop the pulling strength for their first-ever pull up. What’s difficult is often we don’t have a way to regress an exercise to a level where we can develop the pulling strength through enough volume of work to create the desired strength adaptation, simply because the normal pull up is too hard.

    The lower body assisted pull ups (see video below) are great for any beginner as you can use as little or as much assistance as you need from the legs and gradually over time reduce the assistance from the legs as you progressively get stronger at pulling up.

    Give them a try and let us know how you get on if you’re working towards your first pull up. We’d also love it if you shared this article and video with any friends you know that are working towards their first pull up so we can help them too.

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    Tim + Jacko


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    Finding Pull Ups Hard?


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