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    What is the Calisthenics Community About?

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    One of the amazing things about the calisthenics community is all YOU amazing people. You’ve created the support, inspiration, and encouragement! It’s not just to each other, but to us too!

    So firstly let’s start with a huge,

    Thank you

    Your support really means the world to Tim and me, and everybody here at the School of Calisthenics.

    So many of us have benefited over the weeks, months and years that we’ve been training and know that without the help of each other none of us would have achieved the training goals we have… redefining your impossible is one thing, but being part of other people’s impossibles is a whole new level. Hence why being part of this community is so special and we know those fully engaged in it have felt the same impact as us.

    It’s interesting when you look at what makes a community and further more what makes a community special. There are many ways people have tried to define ‘community’ referencing different aspects such as; a common goal or interest, sharing beliefs or following rules or guidelines or even sharing a common location.

    However the School of Calisthenics it’s much more than that and seems to break the rules, which is why on reflection it’s become so special.

    Yes we have a common interest that ties us together, calisthenics. But that doesn’t make it special. We are a hugely diverse community, different countries, cultures, ages, genders. We don’t fit into a ‘box’ of a certain type of person or personality from a particular culture… we are from all walks of life, all so different yet the calisthenics glue that holds us together makes us gel.

    I think that’s one of the things that makes the School of Calisthenics community so special.

    Everyone is welcome and you all are so encouraging to each other and us. But it doesn’t stop there. I believe the real power in the community and the thing we have most in common is not that we all enjoy calisthenics, it’s that we have all tried to achieve something we thought was impossible.

    We’ve all challenged ourselves, most likely been scared or frightened along the way and calisthenics has been the vehicle to help us push outside our comfort zone. It’s stretched us to become better people. When you’ve been there on that journey with people alongside you, encouraging you along that way, that’s special!

    When Tim and I started our calisthenics journey back in January 2014 it was just the two of us, having some fun with a different form of training and exploring moving in new ways after being bored of lifting weights. We never set out to create the School of Calisthenics and we certainly had no idea that this amazing community would grow organics around us. We are truly blessed to be a part of it and can’t thank you enough for not joining us on the journey but taking us on one.

    There are many of you that have been in contact and shared the impact that calisthenics and the community has had on your life and they are so encouraging and inspiring for us all. One of many many stories is Flavia, who we had the pleasure of meeting at our last two trips to Marbella, Spain. Her story touched our hearts and embodies so many of the good values we believe calisthenics offers us all.

    Once I shifted completely the focus on what I looked like to what my body could actually do, my life changed completely.

    – Flavia



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    Big Announcement!

    Save the Date // School of Calisthenics Social

    14 June 2020, Nottingham, United Kingdom

    Come be part of the School of Calisthenics community, meeting other like-minded people and some of our special guests as we bring our podcast to life this year at the school social.

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