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    Articles | ground based movement

    Become a beautiful mover

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Using just you, your body and the ground against gravity.

    We believe in moving well and believe there is something unique and special about having everything you need with you at all times to move and move well – your body, the floor and gravity.

    Now in terms of movement, we can move anyway we like. The body has a huge capacity for movement and adaptation. That mean’s we can move well, controlled and coordinated, or we can move poorly, restricted and dysfunctionally.

    We believe movement itself should be beautiful and we all have the capacity to move beautifully. It might not always look that way when we are trying things out and learning new ways to move… but ultimately we all have the ability to be beautiful movers.

    Ground-based movements literally require just you and the ground beneath you! No excuses to give this a go with Coach Owen, who specialises in ground-based and animal style movement (being half-man, half-monkey himself).

    Lets warm you up with this example tutorial from one of our ‘play’ movement snacks (which VIP Members get access to each week) with Coach Owen from our Virtual Classroom.

    Give the bear crawl a go to loosen things up and become more beautiful movers!


    Now, ready to step it up a notch…?

    In the video below, Coach Owen takes you through a series of movements that will challenge your mobility, flexibility, coordination, proprioception and spatial awareness… get good at all of these movement qualities and you’ll start to be a beautiful mover for sure!


    Hope you enjoyed this encouragement to become a “beautiful mover” and understand that it’s an ongoing process for us all. It’s important to understand where we are at so we can make adjustments and improvements. However, I believe what’s most important is the direction you’re going, knowing that you have the ability to grow, change and improve the quality of your movement… know if not now, one day you’ll be a beautiful mover, making small improvements one day at a time. Think, little and often.

    To find out more about Coach Owen – click here


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