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    Podcast Episode 117

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    On this week’s podcast, we welcome Francesco Pignatti from IronManager.Coach. Fran is a natural bodybuilder and nutrition expert specialising in the field of bodybuilding but has a refreshing philosophy on his health and wellness first as part of his nutrition strategy for the clients he works with.

    He’s been using calisthenics to develop his own training in natural bodybuilding further with amazing results, which is quite a stark contrast to the majority of those believing that bodybuilding must be done isolating body parts using weights and machines. However, Fran outlines why calisthenics and full body training can be an exceptional tool for developing hypertrophy.

    So we were excited to get Fran on to the podcast to talk about these nutritional and training principles. We hope there’s a bit of something for everyone in this one whether looking to add muscle (hypertrophy), develop better nutritional habits or understand how calisthenics can be effective for full body training in a bodybuilding context.




    Follow Fran on Instgram @ironmanager

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