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    7 Reasons Why Calisthenics Might Be For You

    By shaun

    Maybe you’ve stumbled on calisthenics through Instagram or a friend and seen these incredible moves where people look like they’re defying gravity and finding new ways to move. Impressed, sure you are, who wouldn’t be.

    You say to yourself ‘Great for them, but impossible for me’. Yet, you can’t shake the little voice in your head: ‘I wish I could do that… Could I do that?’ The answer: Yes, you can.

    Here are 7 good reasons why calisthenics might be for you:

    1. Any level of fitness. At any age

    It doesn’t matter what age or level of fitness you are, there is something to achieve in calisthenics for everyone.

    Our training programmes are designed for progression. So, if you’re a complete beginner working towards your first push up, pull up or handstand, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to move better, get strong and have fun with bodyweight training.

    2. It’s relatively cheap

    For many, even with the right amount of desire, some gym memberships and personal training sessions can simply prove to be too expensive. However, this shouldn’t be a barrier in achieving your fitness goals.

    Calisthenics can provide a perfect alternative as you can do a lot with minimal equipment and a bit of space.

    3. Train pretty much anywhere

    As calisthenics focusses on bodyweight exercises, you can train at home, in your garden, at your local park even your office or hotel room if you travel a lot with work.

    4. It builds a healthier mind

    Research shows that setting and achieving goals, learning new things, being resilient and having a community to be part of can help make you happier. Calisthenics creates the opportunity to do all these things.

    Because the focus changes to what your body can do, instead of just what it looks like, issues with body image and dysmorphia can be reduced. Calisthenics also promotes mindfulness through a need to be present in your practice, particularly in the skill acquisition phase of learning a new movement.

    Calisthenics is about more than just getting strong and taking cool photos. Your brain is a muscle that needs flexing as well and training it with progressively challenging movements is a great way to keep it sharp.

    Read more about calisthenics and mental health in our blog ‘Can calisthenics improve your mental health?’

    5. You’re investing in your physical pension

    As soon as you lose your ability to move in a way you enjoy, life starts to look pretty bleak. Making a regular and consistent investment in your physical pension will help you move better for longer. With the focus being on bodyweight exercises, it’s easy to invest in. All you need is a bit of time and a desire to move.

    Movement and Mobility

    6. Improve your mobility and posture

    It’s easy for all of us to slip into bad habits in terms of our posture without even realising. Much of our lives are now consumed by looking at screens, spending long hours sitting at a desk or in a car travelling. Your body is designed to move.

    “Good things happen when we move. Bad things happen when we don’t”

    Calisthenics is an incredibly powerful form of physical training that provides you with a reason to focus on your movement and mobility. If you want to do a great handstand, you’re going to have to confront those things keeping you back. It’s a lifelong personal journey rather than a quick fix, so take one step towards moving better now. Then, take another and another.

    7. It’s tried and tested throughout history

    Although calisthenics might be seen as the latest fitness trend, it’s actually been around a long time. The word comes from the Greek, Kalos and Sthenos meaning ‘Beauty’ and ‘Strength’ and historical research suggests that the ancient Greek and Spartan armies used it to build strength for their soldiers.

    Hopefully, these few points will help you decide if calisthenics is right for you.

    Not yet, convinced… but still intrigued… Read our blog where Tim presents his case to you ‘the jury’ for why calisthenics is the greatest form of exercise.


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