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    How to Hold a Handstand

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Need help with balance in your handstand? Want to finally learn how to hold a handstand?

    Well, firstly let’s be honest and say there’s no magic trick that will suddenly fix your handstand balance. But, there are certain fundamental parts of the learning process that we can help you with.

    The journey will require patience and an understanding that balancing in a handstand requires fine motor control through multiple joints and this something that will take time. The motor learning process of new skills such as using your hands like feet in a handstand is something that requires ‘time on task’.

    You can’t fast track it, you have to get on your hands and practice a lot!

    That said, it’s important that you have a process to follow in your handstand practise and that’s exactly what we cover in the video below. A process and drills you can use as part of your handstand practise that focus on your end goal of balancing in a handstand.


    We hope the information and the drills in the video help you with your handstand journey and you are encouraged to embrace the frustrations as part of a longer learning process.

    Don’t expect it to happen over night but instead enjoying working hard at it consistently, knowing that the longer process is a more rewarding one by the end.

    Finally, keep in touch with us on your progress. You can send us some updates along the way and ask questions on social media and don’t forget to celebrate with us when you finally graduate and hold that handstand!

    Tim & Jacko

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