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    Podcasts | boosting immunity

    Podcast Episode 118

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    With everything that’s going on with COVID-19 all around the world, we were delighted (just wish it was different circumstances) that Dr Sally Bell reached out to offer a ‘podcast special’ to tackle and help explain the most important things we can all do to boost our immunity during this time. Helping to keep ourselves, friends and family as safe and healthy as possible.

    One of the key messages is to control the controllables. The things you are in control of; how you reduce the risk of spreading the virus, what you eat, how you sleep and manage stress, how you exercise and get outside to boost immunity as well as how you stay connected with others even during times of isolation.

    We managed to turn this one around in less than a day as we feel it’s so important to get it out there so huge thank you both Sally for coming on the podcast at such short notice and also Marcin for editing the podcast so quickly.

    There were people that joined us live for the podcast in a webinar-style recording, so you’ll hear their specific questions. If you have any specific questions for Dr Sally Bell of your own you can get in touch with her direct via her website, Instagram.



    During the podcast, Dr Sally Bell recommended a number of supplements that we personally use like vitamin C for fighting off colds, vitamin D for boosting our immunity, as well as zinc and multivitamins she mentions. We use Bulk Powders who regularly run great discounts – click here.

    Please do share this podcast episode with any friends, family and loved ones if you feel the information will be helpful for them and we hope you stay safe, fit, healthy and happy during this difficult period for everyone.

    Tim & Jacko

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    P.S We’d love to hear what you think of the podcast, you can either write a review or drop us a message on social media…


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