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    Bodyweight Basics vs COVID-19

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    We’re going to admit it, we didn’t think this would escalate as quickly as it has. When we first started hearing about the outbreak of COVID-19 in China we really didn’t think we would end up in a situation where the way in which we take care of our strength and fitness would be changed and challenged in equal measure.

    Over the last 100 years, most people across the world have trained their own fitness and strength with a reliance on specific training environments. Based on the fact that the barbell was only invented in 1928, homo sapiens for millenia before us managed to survive extreme environmental conditions, explore new lands, fight battles and win their survival by training with nothing more than their own bodyweight and minimal equipment.

    Today we’re fighting a different kind of battle. One which has completely disrupted the way we train and exercise. But take heart, what we need to stay fit, healthy and develop the strength that gives back control, ownership and flexibility when the four walls of the gym are taken away, is available to all. 

    Bodyweight training and calisthenics is the most natural form of physical training. The world we occupy is changing and the need for us to be able to train our physical health, improve mental well-being and find opportunities to play in a world we do not recognise is essential. 

    We are ready to tackle this head-on, and we’re fully equipped to help others too. We know that calisthenics might be the greatest form of exercise. The pursuit of beautiful strength has brought us so much happiness and freedom on many levels. Now, in a time when people need these things more than ever, we must share the love.

    We are sure that there are people all over the world who will experience more happiness in their lives when they see what they can achieve with calisthenics, the fun they can have and the power of redefining their impossible.

    In these times of self-isolation, confinement, and disconnection, starting the journey to mastering one’s own bodyweight has never been more important.

    We’re grateful to have strength and fitness we can train everywhere. Now we want to support everyone else too.

    Let the bodyweight revolution begin.

    Bodyweight Basics is now FREE

    Bodyweight Basics is one of our favourite programmes inside our Virtual Classroom. It is accessible for all levels and abilities and will help you to keep moving, build strength and have fun whilst training at home.

    In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have made it FREE for everyone until at least 30 April 2020.

    The response has been amazing! Over 22,000 of you have already signed up to the Virtual Classroom and we want to help as many people as possible during this time. So we’d love you to join us as well as share it with any friends, family and loved ones that would also benefit from moving more, getting strong and having fun with bodyweight training whilst at home.

    Join the School of Calisthenics and become part of the incredible community of people who are working towards redefining their impossible.

    Tim and Jacko

    *Keep an eye out over the next few weeks on Instagram and YouTube as we’ll be running LIVE sessions and workouts from Bodyweight Basics programme, so that although you might be at home you aren’t alone.

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    Bodyweight Basics is a progressive bodyweight training programme designed to help you master the fundamental movements of calisthenics. It’s specifically created for beginners and more advanced trainers alike and can be enjoyed by the whole family with over 100 bodyweight video tutorials to choose from!

    Available for free until 30 April 2020.

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