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    Podcasts | breath

    Podcast Episode 121

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week on the podcast, we have the privilege of speaking to Patrick McKeown author of the ‘hottest’ book on the market for understanding breathing and breathwork: The Oxygen Advantage.

    We’ve been big fans of his work ever since getting more interesting in breathwork and the importance of breathing mechanics. Since reading his book and using some of the breathing techniques from the book, Jacko has knocked his 5k personal best down by nearly a minute to 19.16. So naturally, very excited to have Patrick join us and share what he’s learned about breath, how we breathe and its huge impact not only on our fitness levels but on our overall health; from our sleep to stress management and so much more.

    Learn why switching to nasal breathing is an absolute must in Patrick’s view. After all of his research, he shares some simple exercises and breathing drills you can do even whilst listening to the podcast. He even explains why nasal breathing during the Corona virus outbreak is so important as a protective mechanism over mouth breathing.

    All of this and much more on today’s School of Calisthenics Podcast.


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    Podcast Episode 121 1

    We can’t recommend his book highly enough, available on amazon here – Oxygen Advantage book

    Patrick mentioned a number of articles and links through the podcast which you can find below:

    Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art – James Nestor

    Kids stuff

    Free children’s program:

    Information page for parents, mouth breathing and children:

    Mouth Tape:

    Other references

    Snoring and sleep apnoea:

    Anxiety, panic disorder:

    Wooron’s Research on Rugby Union players:

    Oxygen Advantage versus Wim Hof Method:

    Nasal breathing Running:

    Nose Dilators:

    Helping to restore normal autonomic functioning; vagus nerve:



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