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    Why you should learn to do a handstand

    By Karen Stevenson

    You might be thinking that handstands are best left back in your high school gymnastics class, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. As well as being a fun challenge, mastering your own bodyweight by balancing upside down can be a primary contributor to a number of health benefits that can serve you well years into the future.

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    Learning to do a handstand is a great starting point for bodyweight training but also the perfect gateway to more advanced calisthenics movements like the frogstand to handstand, muscle ups and human flag.

    Here are five reasons why you should start getting off your feet and onto your hands:

    1. No equipment needed

    This is one of the great advantages of learning to do a handstand. In a time where our access to gyms and other places of physical practice have been limited. Learning to master a handstand is a great way for you to move better, get strong and have fun with bodyweight training from the comfort of your own living room. With no need for any specialised equipment, it’s a great bodyweight exercise for anyone of any level of fitness to learn and, in such times, could provide an opportunity to get friends and family involved too!

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    How you can Handstand up to Corona Virus

    Get your family and friends to join in and head back to the ‘playground’, sharing your videos and pictures doing a handstand, cartwheel or frogstand via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag: #handstanduptocorona

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    2. Learn to move better

    Range of movement has a big impact on handstand success. As you learn to do a handstand, you’re not only going to establish the required mobility but also develop robustness. For example, getting into a frogstand or Yoga crow, you’ll need to improve your ability to move well through your wrists, hips and shoulders as the higher you’re able to stack your knees on your arms, the easier the hold becomes. Handstands also improve shoulder and core stability which is an important part of moving better.


    3. Improve your balance and coordination

    When you first start out, being upside down might feel a little disorientating. Your brain and your body don’t have the neural wiring in place to know how to balance your entire body on your hands. As you spend more time practicisng and break down the skill acquisition process into bite-size chunks, you’ll get more and more comfortable being upside down as you develop balance and co-ordination. In our handstand training programme, we teach you the necessary skills and positional awareness to be successful.

    4. Get strong

    How strong you need to be to do a handstand is debateable, but one thing we know for sure is that it is much easier and safer if you have more strength in the bank. Our training process prioritises both learning a new skill and getting strong. We’ll help you to build enough strength to hold your entire bodyweight up and balance on your hands. From the very tips of your fingers to grip the floor to great core stability and vertical pushing strength, handstands are great for getting strong.

    5. You’ll have a lot of fun

    We’re big believers that training should be enjoyable and exciting. You’ve got to enjoy your workouts and training, otherwise what’s the point? If they feel like a chore or training is monotonous, then the chances of you achieving your goals are less likely.

    We like to have fun with movement and hope you’ll join us! Go on, take a trip down memory lane where you did cartwheels in the sun, hung from monkey bars and got a kick out of looking at the world upside down!


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