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    Podcasts | mental imagery

    Positive Podcast #8

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week on the positive podcast we shift gears a little and dive into some sports psychology and mindset training with visualisation.

    See first with your mind, then with your eyes, and finally with your body – Master Swordsman Yagyū Munenori (1571-1646)

    Mental imagery is a better term used to encapsulate all that visualisation is. It’s not just about you see, it’s about building up a picture so real in your ‘mindset eye’ using all of your sense that your brain believes it actually happening, just when you have dream that feels so real when you wake it.

    It’s something I’ve used myself through my professional rugby career and tough to many of other Paralympic athletes Tim and myself have supported through over the years and I hope it can help you with your training and your own performances



    Thanks for listening, if you have any feedback or any specific questions for me, I loved you to email me at



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