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    Positive Podcast #9

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week it’s episode 9 (or is it week 8 not sure I can actually count anymore!) and we are looking at the benefits of learning. Whether you realise it or not we’ve all been forced to do things differently during lockdown, for better or worse – but in doing things differently we are certainly learning to do things in new ways. Which is a great thing for the health of our brains!

    My encouragement is to embrace the learning process, understand that failure is part of that process and spend some time reflecting on you’ve learnt from any changes you’ve had to make, which ones you like and will keep after lockdown is over.



    Thanks for listening, if you have any feedback or any specific questions for me, I loved you to email me at

    I also mentioned a coupe of books in the podcast which you can get on amazon through the links below.




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