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    Podcasts | mindset

    Positive Podcast #12

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    In this episode I have encouragement for you and the proof of the importance of the effect of your mindset. Building upon the previous episodes where we covered visualisation and affirmation and how to use them in the context of helping your redefine your impossible within training.

    Today I have a personal story from my sister (Kate Murray @1day_2019)who’s been battle breast cancer and last week had to undergo serious life threatening surgery to remove a tumour from our adrenal gland. Her positive approach and he surgeons reaction shows that mindset can transcend far beyond sports and training and I hope you find this as encouraging and inspiring as I do.



    Thanks for listening, if you have any feedback or any specific questions for me, I loved you to email me at david@schoolofcalisthenics.com



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