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    Podcasts | duncan french

    Podcast Episode 133

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week, we speak to Dr Duncan French and delve into the depth of Strength and Conditioning within the unpredictable and exciting world of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). The UFC is an American mixed martial arts organisation that has revolutionised the fight business.

    UFC fighters have to be ready for anything so preparing them for competition is a little bit different from traditional sports. Not only that, by the natural unpredictability of the sport you get some interesting characters and personalities as Dr Duncan French explains during the interview.

    Duncan has a huge level of depth and experience to his coaching which has been invaluable for him to call upon now within his role with the UFC. He’s worked across many professional sports within the EIS (English Institute of Sport) and been a pivotal part of the UK Strength & Conditioning Association here in the United Kingdom for many years before moving over the United States.

    There’s always so much to learn from a coach like Dr Duncan French who has a wealth of experience and when combined with the nature of training in the UFC environment where you really have to think outside the box, thrown into the conversion Duncan’s extremely humble demeanour, you have the making of one of our favourite podcast interviews!

    Hope you enjoy it and take as much out of it as we did!



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