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    Podcasts | nasal breathing

    Podcast LIVE #3 // Patrick McKeown

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Author of The Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown, joined us on the Podcast Live event to talk all things nasal breathing, why it’s so important and why it should be our go-to breathing mechanism. As well as explaining all the science behind why we should be nasal breathing and the benefits thereof, Patrick takes us through a couple of his favourite breathing exercises and a simple test to see how well you’re breathing.

    We’ve found nasal breathing to be an absolute game changer and hope you enjoy finding more out about it with Patrick, it could just change the way you breathe forever! We can’t recommend his book highly enough, available on amazon here – Oxygen Advantage book

    In this interview, we also had the chance to take live questions from the listeners as part of our Podcast LIVE event – see all Podcast LIVE sessions here



    The Podcast LIVE event was sponsored by Red Light Rising and they’ve kindly offered a special 5% discount for School of Calisthenics podcast listeners // Get 5% off  your Red Light Therapy products with SOC5 at


    Podcast Episode 121 1

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