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    Podcasts | brain training

    Podcast Episode 138

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    What is pain and why it might not actually be an injury

    Respecting the complexity of the human body and trying to understand how it all links together is something that we are passionate about and always gets us excited. When you look deeper into understanding movement, how the different systems of the human body interact and understanding pain then you’ll inevitably come across the complex but fascinating world of neuroscience.

    Dr Cobb from Z Health specialises in this area of neuroscience looking at how everything in the body is linked to the brain and therefore how the brain can affect every area of the body. Having been on the Z Health educational course ourselves, we were delighted to have Dr Cobb on the podcast to share his amazing (and often challenging insights) with you.

    At the heart of it all is finding the route cause of a problem, which areas of the brain, which systems of the body do we need to address for managing things like pain, movement quality, changing mobility and ranges of motion, and all this really resonates with us.

    In the podcast, we cover some exciting topics like immediate changes in range of motion at joint (shoulder joint was the example Dr Cobb took us through) by playing with the interaction of flexor and extensor tone dictated by the brain by using simple eye drills, tongue movements and much more – you have to listen and follow along the instructions!



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