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    Handstand Coaching + Barefoot Living: Lessons from Podcast Live

    By Tim Stevenson

    Here we go with some more reflections and highlights from our Podcast Live event. Last week, I wrote about the lessons learnt and key messages from two more interview-based conversations with fitness industry icon Ollie Marchon and Paralympian Charlotte Henshaw.

    This week, we’re going to dive in on two of the more practical sessions and we’re going opposite ends of the human movement system by looking at the hands and feet!

    First up let’s chat handstands with Jonathan Last

    Jonathan is an incredible hand-balancer. If you have ever seen someone do a one arm handstand and thought that it looks incredible, well this dude takes that and adds in a load of progressions that move the needle to a new level.

    Jonathan’s background in his own personal movement journey, circus training and now hand balancing coaching means that he has a rich breadth of experience in teaching these skills. I loved having 45 minutes of his time to dive into some great handstand preparation exercises, especially for the wrists and lower body. We also looked at some drills to help people who want to learn to handstand but struggle with the confidence to get upside down.

    There is a load of great information in this session and also a little surprise for me when we got round to talking about planché training and he gave me a little nudge towards a progression I haven’t tried before.

    I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.



    Time to look at our feet with the Natural Lifestylist – Tony Riddle

    This session was a real eye-opener for me. I have been a proponent of barefoot living for years since I spent 3 years working on beaches and diving boats in Australia and Zanzibar. We just rarely wore shoes and it’s something I have continued to do when I returned to what Tony calls ‘the human zoo’, by which he means, modern-day life.

    Some of us would have no problem walking around the supermarket with no shoes on, for others, the idea of going outside without footwear is absurd.

    My neighbour regularly tells me to put my shoes on, but little do they know that we should be investing far more of our attention in maintaining healthy feet rather than shoving them inside fabric coffins all day, every day.

    If this is something you have never thought about before, get ready to expand your horizons. If you are already an avid barefoot advocate, this practical session has got loads of drills and movements you can do to improve the wellbeing and performance of your feet along with all the other good stuff that comes a as result.

    This is a good one. Enjoy it.

    Check out the Podcast Live page here for a full list of guests and the video interviews



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