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    Elbow pain – How to look after your elbows

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    When you are working hard trying to redefine your impossible with the goal of joining #MuscleUpClub, it’s likely that you’ll be doing the same repeated pulling patterns over and over again. Specificity of training suggests that this is necessary to get the adaption in that pulling strength we need but what we also know is that repeatedly doing the same movement pattern under high loads and tension can produce overuse injuries and irritation to surrounding areas and joints. Which is why the Movement Preparation section at the start of all our training programmes are so important to keep you injury free and moving well – always.

    In particular, the false grips needed for successful ring muscle ups put huge tension through the wrist flexors in a shortened position. Being diligent with your movement preparation and giving your wrist flexors some extra love, care and attention is essential.

    Something however that’s important to bear in mind is looking after the extensor muscles that are put at lengths in the false grip position. The video below shows how using a simple banded exercise you can look after your elbows and keep them pain-free from that golfer elbow that cripples many a person when on the ring muscle up journey.

    Train smart, look after your elbows – you only get two of them!



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