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    Podcasts | doc jen fit

    Podcast 146

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    What a humdinger of a podcast! You’re in for a treat with Dr Jen Esquer aka @DocJenFit on Instagram who is a doctor of Physical Therapy in the United States. Doc Jen Fit passionate about helping you live and move pain free and has an approach and mindset to mobility that really resonated with us.

    We delve deep into understanding not just what and how to improve mobility but also what is pain and how breathing and our stress response can impact it all! Jen’s philosophy of embracing pain and befriending it in a way to understand that it’s your body telling you or pointing out that there is an area of the body you’ve been neglecting. Listening to that and taking action means that with her mindset we don’t have to be scared or afraid of pain and think of pain as simply a ‘bad thing’ which was a very fresh approach that we loved taking a deep dive into.

    We’d love to hear what you think of this episode and if you’d like a part two then slide into the DM’s on Instagram and let us know!

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