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    Podcasts | Movement

    Podcast Episode 140

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Calisthenics is beautiful strength and the three pillars that set the foundation for all our training, philosophy and approach to calisthenics and bodyweight training:

    Movement, strength and play underpin everything we believe our training should be based upon.

    We need to be able to move well, be strong through those ranges and if training is fun then not only are we more likely to engage with it and be consistent but also we know the brain learns better with an element of play.

    What movement, strength and play means to each person will have individual variances and in this episode Tim, Jacko and Georgie open up and discuss what movement, strength and play means to each of them.

    We’d love to hear what movement, strength and play means to you – so get in touch via Instagram @schoolofcalisthenics



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