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    Podcast Episode 147

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    We’re excited to introduce to you the newest member of the School of Calisthenics coaching team, nutritionist and dietitian Michelle Meinking.

    Michelle is qualified nutritionist and registered dietician currently working in professional performance sport within the Major League Soccer (MLS) in the USA. She has been working as the first team dietician and nutritionist since 2017 for Real Salt Lake and developed the nutritional strategies for the whole organisation. She has also worked with the Green Bay Packers in the NFL, Chicago Cubs in the MLB, team USA olympic ski and snowboard teams as well as the athletics team at the University of Notre Dame.

    Michelle adopts the same philosophy on nutrition as we do, based on healthy eating to create a healthy athlete upon which performance gains can be developed as a result of functioning more healthily. So we jumped at the chance to develop our new Nutrition & Health course together and excited to discuss the importance of healthy eating in this podcast.

    When focusing on eating for health, you will get a healthier, more efficiently functioning body and therefore performance improvements in recovery, strength and fitness will come as a result.

    If you have any specific questions for Michelle we will be running an Instagram LIVE Q&A session this week – Thursday 15th 17:00 BST so look out for that on our Instagram @schoolofcalisthenics.

    Contact Michelle directly with specific questions via email

    Follow Michelle on Instagram @michelle.meinking



    If you missed it, you can also check out our blog with Michelle where she talks about nutrition for performance – click here


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