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    My Favourite Core Exercise

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    It’s a question I often get asked,

    What’s your favourite core exercise?

    Over the years it’s changed. Dramatically!

    My core training has been an evolution from 1oo’s of sit ups every morning and night as a young teenager ‘trying to get a six pack like Arnie’ to 1000’s of reps of functional core training during my professional rugby career to now more specific core exercise tailored to the calisthenics goals that I have for myself… you could say my ‘core training’ has come along way!

    These ‘core sliders’  (see video below) are my current favourite core exercise. Whether using the core sliding discs or simply using your socks (get the School of Calisthenics custom socks here) the connection you have to maintain to keep that spine neutral means the core muscles, hip flexors and shoulder have to work together to control the movement and your body position. Everything we want the core to be able to do in calisthenics and functional movements.

    Have a play with this one at home, you don’t have to move far to feel it and I promise you those abs will be on fire!

    You’re welcome.


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