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    How to Pistol Squat (with progressions)

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Lower body training utilising just your own bodyweight to provide the challenge rather than an external load with weights and barbells means we get to be creative in how we make it challenging. We get the chance to play with balance, stability, range of motion (mobility) as well as strength.

    The pistol squat is one lower body movement that provides that multifaceted challenge. On one leg you need the balance, deep squat position and strength to support yourself in full deep hip flexion and drive back up out of it. On the other leg we are challenging hamstring length and simultaneously the hip flexor strength at end range in order to keep the leg out straight in front of us.

    With the pistol squat, you can’t hide. You challenge pretty much everything in the lower body. Having some fun playing around with progressions toward it, is one way to keep lower body training fun and challenging plus it’s great to have a movement to work towards as motivation.

    Pistol Squat Progressions

    Learn how to pistol squat with a full set of progressions to develop the mobility and movement requirements as well as develop the strength by following Coach Georgie through these pistol squat progression (see video below).

    Hope this video has helped you with ideas for developing the mobility and building the strength for pistol squats.

    We’d love to help you along the way and hear how your training is going. Share your progress with us on social media (Instagram is the best place for that @schoolofcalisthenics) or why not join us with an online membership or sign up for the new mobility workshop on 17th October 2020 with Georgie and Jacko – click here.


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