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    3 Gymnastic Ring Exercises You’re NOT Doing But Should Be!

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    The most versatile piece of equipment you can own that gives you the freedom to train almost anywhere!

    Gymnastic rings are a beautiful piece of equipment that provide so many options and variations to play with yet for some reason most people only do the same old exercises like pull ups, push ups and dips on them, which are all great exercises to do on the rings… but there is so much more they can offer!

    The freedom to move the rings, change the height, hand position or even put your feet in them can provide such as different way to use them and move that ultimately provides more stimulus variation that we can create rapid adaptation because it’s new and different. Just like when you tried calisthenics for the first time. You make the most rapid improvements at the start.

    In the video below, we have three of our favourite gymnastic ring exercises for you to try that you might not have attempted before. Like anything new, it’s important to take it easy at the start and progressively build up the intensity. But once you have, have some fun playing with these gymnastic ring exercises and see your strength gains improve rapidly.



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