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    Simple ways to improve mobility

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Mobility doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem.

    Easy or simple doesn’t mean that it won’t require; time, effort and consistency but that’s the same for anything in life that you want to improve – that’s worth it.

    Yet, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might seem at times. I know from my (Jacko) own experience of improving mobility, at the start it felt like fighting a huge battle. Like swimming up stream and wondering whether I would actually make any improvements. My previous ‘life’ pre 2013 required a certain level of tightness and stiffness to be powerful and effective at rugby in the ‘contact zone’ and improving mobility felt like the exact opposite of that.

    Fighting more, trying harder and being overwhelmed by all the different techniques used to potentially improve mobility like; self massage, stretching, yoga, active mobility, banded mobility, joint distractions, FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) to name but a few. It all felt a bit too much. When would I fit it in and what things actually work? These two questions I had and know lots of you have asked us the same questions to us over the years.

    Movement and Mobility

    Actually Improving Mobility

    I had a desire to simplify the process. I wanted to get to the bottom of what is the most important thing to help improve mobility.

    In order to explore this, we must go back to some basic training principles to help us understand and find out what I like to think of as the ‘root cause’ or the single most important thing.

    Specific adaptation to imposed demand is known as the S.A.I.D principle, basically describing that whatever you do most, your body will adapt and make you more efficient at doing that ‘thing’. If you spend most of your time sitting then you’ll get very good and efficient at sitting. Spend more of your time moving in lots of different way… you may well get good at that!

    That sounds simple right?

    Move more. Move more often. Move in lots of different ways.

    Ollie Frost talked about this holistic concept to moving more throughout your day in a great podcast we did with him – listen to podcast 112 here

    At essence this is the single most important thing I believe you need to do in order to improve your overall mobility and movement capacity, and be consistent with that.

    Finding ways to break up long periods of static movement, whether that’s; sitting, standing or anything else where you don’t move much is so important. The more consistently you break up those static periods throughout the day not only are you then bringing more regular movement into your day-to-day life but you’re also disrupting the negative effects of those static postures.

    I believe this is at the heart of making long-term improvements to your mobility. After-all we believe that movement is medicine and unlike like lots of other medicines, there are no bad side effects and the more often you ‘take it’ the better you’ll feel.

    So more important than the specific mobility ‘tools’ or exercises you use, is how consistently you actually move. Break up those static postures and start giving your body the ‘medicine’ it needs for improving mobility and longevity of movement.

    If you want some ideas of little movements and things you can do as part of those breaks throughout the day below is a simple follow-along 30 minute full body mobility and core workout which you could do all in one go or break it up into little 5 or 10 minute blocks throughout your day.


    Hope this helps and gives you some ideas to explore with your own movements.

    If you want something more specific to follow, remember all our programmes within the Virtual Classroom start with movement preparation exercises and drills to help improve your mobility and we also have the specific Movement and Mobility Masterclass with Ollie Frost himself.

    Remember we are all on our own journey, I’ve made some improvements myself but still have a lot to learn and explore, but that’s all part of enjoying the process.


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