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    Podcast Episode 151

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week on the podcast, we take on a new style ‘spitball’ session where we aren’t entirely sure what direction it will go when we start but meander through some heartfelt, uncensored straight off the cut and out of the heart discussions that hopefully bring some value to you.

    Today, the spitball session started with the question ‘what about when you can’t anymore’ which lead us down a route of understanding that longer term perspective can lead to reducing the pressure we put on ourselves with our training in the here and now.

    Longer term perspective leads to reducing pressure in the now

    If you are anything like us, taking some pressure off yourself in any area of your life is something we can all benefit from.

    We hope there are certain elements of this discussion that resonates with you and we’d love to hear from you and keep the discussion going so stay connected via social media Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. or email and share your own thoughts with us.

    Thanks again for listening – Tim + Jacko

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