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    Podcast Episode 153

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Nothing is more important than the health of our planet

    There’s nothing more important than your health, right? And there’s nothing more important for our planet than the health of it, right?

    It’s those two things we discuss in this week’s podcast and we urge you to not only listen to this one but also take action. Take action in terms of responsibility and accountability we all have of course for our own health but also the health of the planet.

    We are very lucky to be joined by two fantastics guests Dr Sally Bell (for her 3rd appearance on the podcast) and Peter Greig, owner of Pipers Farm. We get great insight from them on the importance of where we get our food from and how we produce our food from both the perspective of the quality of food and nutrients there in, as well as the preservation and health our of farming soils and ultimately the planet as a whole.

    Dr Sally Bell is a functional medicine doctor with a wealth of knowledge on holistic health (find out more here – and Peter is from Pipers Farm (see more here – that has a sustainable farming philosophy, a desire to protect the planet and at the same time produce the high quality natural ingredients to nourish his customers. I’ve personally tasted the the pork, beef and chicken from Pipers Farm and can confirm it is delicious! – Jacko.

    Hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. That it makes you stop and think and take what action you can.

    Tim and Jacko


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    Podcast Episode 153
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