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    Podcast Episode 154

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Are you in pain? Stop!

    Stop and listen… please! Listen to your body or at least listen to this podcast!

    We get so many questions, see so many people and have even been there ourselves. In pain. It’s not cool. It’s not what your body wants and it’s not investing in your physical pension.

    Pain is one of the many amazing ways your body has to communicate with you. The pain we’re talking about here is not the burning sensation from working hard during training. We’re talking about ‘bad’ pain. Pain that is a sign and signal from the body that something isn’t right. You’re moving wrong, you’ve injured something but you’re just trying to push through and you’re making it worse.

    We need to break the pain feedback loop. If you’re in pain you need to do something different. We hope that this podcast can be the catalyst for that.

    If someone you know is always in pain from too much training or the way they are training but never listens to their body – send them this podcast to listen to instead.

    Hope it helps and serves as a catalyst for change.

    Tim and Jacko



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